Dealing with difficult times

In Sri Lanka, we are presently going through a very difficult time. Rising cost of living, lack of fuel, gas, access to commodities, forex shortage and COVID hit economy and tourism and the list goes on and on. Add to this one’s own personal difficulties such as bereavement, workplace stresses and family disputes etc, it… Continue reading Dealing with difficult times

Travel Restrictions due to COVID

You must practice social distancing. That has been proven beyond doubt to be useful in containing pandemics. This fact is clearly shown in the Spanish Flue pandemic. Combined with other methods of prevention, social distancing is of paramount importance in this hour of need. Currently, Sri Lanka is in a state of travel restrictions. Please… Continue reading Travel Restrictions due to COVID

Positive mental attitude and COVID

Fear will paralyze. Don’t be afraid of COVID. BUT please give due respect. Take guard. Be mindful. But be brave. We are humans. We have gone through tough times. True, there will be some lives lost. But we will be victorious at the end.

If you are COVID positive and (at the moment) at home, what to do

Going by the increasing number of patients being positive, it is inevitable that some patients will need to be managed at home. It is important to know how best to do that. basics Isolate in a separate room mask frequent hand washing limit or stop sharing stuff hydrate rest look out for dangerous pointers like… Continue reading If you are COVID positive and (at the moment) at home, what to do

Create a Healthy Morning Routine

There are many articles on the web about the importance of a morning routine. Many high performers apparently have had a fairly consistent morning routine. It’s a very individual thing. A student’s morning routine has to be different from a working mother for example. However there are four (4) fundamental components to a morning routine… Continue reading Create a Healthy Morning Routine