Dealing with difficult times

In Sri Lanka, we are presently going through a very difficult time. Rising cost of living, lack of fuel, gas, access to commodities, forex shortage and COVID hit economy and tourism and the list goes on and on. Add to this one’s own personal difficulties such as bereavement, workplace stresses and family disputes etc, it certainly is a very bad soup of affairs.

Handling these sort of situations need mental stamina. A recent article in psychology today addresses this situation. Following four factors are highlighted as important aspects in mental resilience.

1. Know that your feeling of the situation and reality of the situation may be different: In other words, although you may feel as if things are not going well for you, in reality, it may be that you’re actually doing all right

2. Avoid social media and news : excessive use of social media and news may depress you. So avoid over exposure.

3 PLEASE skills: Pl : physical illness, E : eat well, A : avoid mood altering substances S : Sleep E : exercise. Attend to these factors.

4 Accept the reality than trying to avoid it.

You can read the article in full by following the link given.

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